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Easily and quickly create tech packs from start to finish in Adobe Illustrator (and finally ditch Excel).

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Less excel, more design

You do all your creative magic in Adobe Illustrator. So, what’s with having to jump back and forth between Excel?

With Tech Pack Wizard, you can quickly and easily create tech packs that manufacturers love without ever leaving Illustrator.


apparel tech pack style cover colorways

One Change is All it Takes with Linked Sketches

Fashion design tech pack plug-in

With uber-clever linked sketches, simply update your master sketch and your changes happen like magic in all your linked sketches. No more exporting, re-formatting or updating after every sketch.

Time-Saving Automation

Free up your precious time and maximize your productivity by automating sketch updates, layout needs, specs, colorways, fabrics and more. Intuitive, easy-to-use tech pack software.

Automated Graded Specs


Your graded specs chart is automatically formatted for your size range. Gone are the days of adding columns and fighting Excel to fit them on one page.

Automated Sketch Updates


Every instance of the sketch, whether on an artboard or in the actual tech pack, is automatically updated when the Master sketch is changed. 

Automated Callout Sketch Placements


Construction callout sketches are automatically placed on the callouts page in the tech pack when the callouts tool is used. No more re-sizing and moving images to fit nicely on a page!

Automated Page Formatting


Tech Pack Wizard automatically formats the pages of the tech pack for you. Have another colorway? Need to add a size to your range? All done automatically, without you needing to do a thing.

Speed up sketching with clever sketching tools...

Pre-Set Croquis 


With a library of pre-set croquis templates, your sketches will stay in proportion no matter who you're designing for. 

Smart Zoom Tool


Effortlessly highlight sketch details for easy manufacture communication. With all sketches linked, zoomed sketches will automatically reflect any changes made to your master sketch.

Symmetry Tool


The symmetry tool automatically reflects your sketch as you go, dramatically cutting back your sketching time. Now, you'll only ever have to draw half of your sketch.

Preloaded Graphic Styles


Quickly stylize your sketches with preloaded graphic styles, such as stitching lines, back of fabric view, white fill with black stroke and so many more...

Sketching Tools for A Faster Workflow

Fashion flat sketching tool


Watch a Demo

Watch a Demo

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A REAL Life-Saver for Fashion Designers & Brands…

Spend less time staring at Excel and more time designing, finding clients, doing trend research and sourcing (or relaxing…)

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